Amazon Web Services

Cloud Lock what every cloud provider would love

“Cloud Lock” hmm what every cloud provider would love. I can’t help but compare Cloud providers with Cell providers. Something about contracts that create as much confusion as possible squeezing every nickel out of you on a monthly basis, also devised to make it extremely uneconomical for you to take your business elsewhere. Although the […]

Microsoft Azure Hybrid Architectures

Some of the real power of Microsoft Azure is in hybrid architectures. Not only can you combine the power of PaaS and IaaS resources where it makes sense, you can also add these resources as an extension of your corporate environment. Microsoft recently added a new method for connecting Azure Web Sites and Azure Mobile […]

Patience Wins the Battle of the Bug

Have you had a system bug drive you up the wall, across the ceiling and then back down again? Have you stared at a screen over and over hoping to find the cause of your angst? If you answered “yes” to either of these questions, you are going to easily understand what I just went […]

Timing is Everything

IDC’s and other analyst reports indicate that e-mail and related applications are the most likely platforms to move to the public cloud. But while interest is high to make the move, there is still a question of when to do it. Our clients often ask, “When should we evaluate moving to 365?” To answer this […]

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