Business Continuity

Preparing for business continuity helps to protect revenues, reduce risk of business shutdown, simplify recovery and prevent customer dissatisfaction. Businesses and Governments continue to implement requirements for protection against loss of data and IT infrastructures. Moreover, newer regulatory guidelines such as Sarbanes-Oxley, Basel II and HIPAA mandate the need to keep critical business processes running and have data continuously available.

Key Challenges for IT organization in BCDR areas are to minimize downtime, prevent data loss, ability to recover from disaster within certain RTO and RPO and avoid customer dissatisfaction. Also to maintain continuous IT operations for critical business processes at a cost in line with your risk and value to your business.

Our Solutions meet your business continuity disaster recovery objectives by automating backup and recovery, application clustering, and data replication. We work with you to:

  • Reduce operating costs and improve operations and manageability of your backup, data availability, and clustering environment with business continuity software and tools that work the same across all platforms and provide management from a single console
  • Reduce hardware costs through increased server and storage utilization, reduplication, and tiered storage.
  • Increase reliability with customer proven, best-of-breed availability technologies
  • Ensure your mission-critical data and applications remain up and running
  • Reduce operating costs by standardizing on a single business continuity solution to deliver consistent recovery methodologies across people, processes, and technology

Corporate Technologies has a long history of providing disaster recovery and business continuity solutions to organizations of all sizes, with the flexibility to architect a business continuity plan for all data tiers, across geographies, and spanning people, processes, and technology. We help your organization deploy a comprehensive yet cost-effective business continuity plan to ensure your information can be recovered in the event of a disaster and minimize the impact to your systems — and more importantly, your customers.

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