What’s the Big Deal About Big Data?

What’s the Big Deal About Big Data?

big-data-150x150There is no escaping the buzz about big data. Why is there all this interest in big data now?

First, there is a lot more data being generated online today. There’s a greater volume of human-generated data – including new sources like social media, photographs, and email. But there’s also a lot more machine-generated data being generated as well. Today, sensors are cheap and small enough to go anywhere. Think of smart meters, cell phones, security cameras, consumer products that phone home.

The second trend driving interest in big data is the decreasing cost of hardware and the emergence of open source tools to store and processes big data. One could argue that much of this “new data” has been available for many years, but it was never cost-effective to acquire and analyze all of it. Today, it is economically feasible to do so.

Analyzing information can give insight into customers, target markets and more. This potential to gain new insights and uncover new business cases and opportunities to improve the way you run your business that is really how big data pays off. Reducing costs, increasing revenue and discovering innovation— all of these have the potential to bring long term value to any organization and keep you ahead of your competition.

With all the excitement over new data, it’s easy to lose site of one important fact: The most business value comes from the combination of new data and the stuff you already have in your data warehouse today. While new data does help deliver new insight, you need to look at it in conjunction with the valuable data you already have. When you combine all this data and analyze it appropriately you can uncover hidden relationships that you would otherwise not be aware of and use this to your advantage.

With big data, there are a lot of moving parts. You have to deal with a large variety of data with different uses in different places. And while you start dealing with it in isolation, ultimately you need to bring it all together – the value of big data comes from an integrated analysis.

You can build your own solution from all those parts and get support from all the different vendors or open source communities involved. Another approach is to let Oracle do that integration for you, and support that integrated solution.

The Oracle Big Data Platform spans the big data lifecycle from acquiring all the new data, through to making new business decisions.

Oracle Big Data Appliance will get you up and running with Hadoop quickly and, when you run the numbers, it will do that for you with lower cost of ownership.

Oracle Exadata delivers extreme performance for both OLTP and data warehouse applications. The data warehouse is the best place to do the integrated analysis of all your data, both new and old. Oracle Exadata is the most powerful platform for your data warehouse.

Finally, Oracle Exalytics In-Memory Machine is the best tool for the business analysts and the business decisions makers to explore this analysis interactively.


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