Upcoming Webinar: Transforming SalesForce Data

Upcoming Webinar: Transforming SalesForce Data

Got plans Thursday, October 24th at 2 PM? Join Corporate Technologies in an upcoming webinar on transforming SalesForce data. http://bit.ly/17RS48H

Data is everywhere — quotes, bookings, leads, campaigns. Salesforce.com (SFDC) helps you manage and distribute this data, yet how do you get the most value out of this data? Do you know who your top performing sales reps are, or how your forecast  accuracy has trended over the last three months? How would you map sales through to campaigns, or understand how long it takes a new rep to effectively build a pipeline?

You cannot improve what you cannot measure, and true measurement involves going beyond built in SFDC reporting with Business Intelligence (BI). BI allows you to get more value out of your SFDC data in three key ways:

1) BI allows you to dynamically interact with SFDC data by slicing, drilling, and exploring; you gain value by getting immediate answers for faster decisions.

2) BI allows you to integrate SFDC data with other key sources of data, such as your sales, forecasting, and reference systems; you gain value by getting a 360 degree picture of how a salesperson impacted the bottom line.

3) BI allows you to provide complex analysis such as trend and conditional query logic; you gain value by understanding which key factors drive pipelines and sales.

We will show you how to accomplish these key goals using a combination of BusinessObjects reporting, data quality, and dashboards, integrated with SFDC and SFDC data.

We will provide a live demonstration of:

1) Dynamic, in-context reporting within SFDC using embedded Web Intelligence.

2) Improve campaign response rate by cleansing SFDC contact data using Data Services.

3) Show market trends and current pipeline using Dashboards.

Register for our live webinar on 10/24 at 2 PM on the hot and very popular topic of transforming SalesForce data. http://bit.ly/17RS48H


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