Timing is Everything

Timing is Everything


IDC’s and other analyst reports indicate that e-mail and related applications are the most likely platforms to move to the public cloud. But while interest is high to make the move, there is still a question of when to do it. Our clients often ask, “When should we evaluate moving to 365?” To answer this question, we suggest using an event-driven evaluation. It will simplify the ROI justification and create implementation momentum.
With certain factors in place, the rationale and financial justification to make the move becomes a “no brainer.” Consider these points:

  • Exchange and SharePoint Upgrade Projects
  • Interest in a Dropbox-type solution for end users and teams
  • Corporate collaboration tools needed by the business
  • Security concerns by CEO or CFO
  • Rapid addition of small offices and remote workers
  • Need to deploy Office admin staff to other projects

Timing is everything. With one or more of these events driving it, the decision to move to Office 365 is simple and offers important advantages:

  • The decision and implementation is swept up in the momentum and focus of a broader business initiative.
  • The implementation is transformed from “another IT project” to a strategic investment valued by the business. The business wants it rather than feeling it was imposed by IT.
  • The financial justification is tied to a bigger business benefit and that makes it something of value, not just an IT cost.

With this event-driven approach, this is an easy business case to make. In the next 365 blog post, we will describe a simple ROI justification model.


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