Going to Oracle OpenWorld 13? Come see us present!

Going to Oracle OpenWorld 13? Come see us present!


I have always enjoyed attending Oracle OpenWorld in San Francisco. Given the wide breadth of solutions that Oracle offers, the event has given me great insight into industry trends and what is happening in the global economy. It is also easy to see what is hot with data management, analytics and industry specific solutions. This year will be even more fulfilling since I have been selected to speak at the conference.

On Tuesday September 24, I will be discussing the globalization features of Oracle’s database in a session titled, 40,075 Kilometers of Oracle: Leveraging Oracle Database’s Globalization Features. I am going to give an overview of Oracle’s globalization features and point out some new features exclusive to 12c. This is a great topic for OpenWorld when you consider that last year people from 144 different countries were in attendance. The world is a true global marketplace and reaching out to international markets can be a great area of growth for many organizations.

In the past, the majority of Internet content and commerce originated from the United States. This is certainly no longer the case. Only half of current Internet users speak English, yet 75% of the content is still in English. Take a look at demographics from Twitter or Facebook and you can clearly see there is a room for growth in the area of multilingual applications and content delivery. Supporting multiple languages will ensure that your products and applications have a true global outreach.

Some of the items we will discuss are:

  • Designing multilingual applications
  • Options for different date, currency and language formats
  • Storing, sorting and working with multilingual character sets
  • Migrating legacy data to Unicode to enable global applications

It is hard to believe that it has been a year since I was at Oracle OpenWorld 2012. In the time that passed since last fall, Oracle had two major product upgrades. In March, the record breaking T5 servers were announced; and in June, Oracle Database 12c — with its revolutionary pluggable database architecture — was released. What will Larry Ellison announce that will top those two announcements? We will know in less than four weeks.

Here’s the full synopsis of my session:

40,075 Kilometers of Oracle: Leveraging Oracle Database’s Globalization Features

Enterprise applications are rarely developed with one region or country in mind. In the past, developing multinational applications was difficult and cumbersome. Not only were there language differences to overcome, but often other localization items such as currency and date formats had to be taken into consideration as well. Oracle Database 12c contains extensive support for globalization to make your life easier. In this session, you’ll learn about the key Oracle Database features that help you create applications that will work seamlessly around the globe. After a review of key globalization features, the session shows specific code examples using PL/SQL and the Oracle Globalization Development Kit for Java to illustrate some common tasks.


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