Oracle Data Visualization Desktop Vs. OBIEE 12C Visual Analyzer

Oracle Data Visualization Desktop Vs. OBIEE 12C Visual Analyzer

This blog will provide a comparison between Oracle Data Visualization Desktop (DVD), and Oracle Visual Analyzer (VA). To start I have to say that it was so easy to get started with Oracle DVD, it took approximately 10-15 minutes to download, install DVD and bam…. ready to connect to a multiple array of data sources and start creating visuals.

Oracle Data Visualization Desktop is yet another great tool found in the lineup of Oracle visualization tools. DVD is described as a single business user application, that can bring great visualization power to any business users in minutes.  If the business user has some familiarity with Visual Analyzer, he/she would barely notice any differences between the two tools.

The differences between the two tools would not be easily felt by the business user, except for some visual elements that exist in one tool but not the other. On the other hand, from IT managers and system administrators point view, the differences can be easily detected. Ease of installation, connectivity to different data sources and connectivity to OBIEE are a few of these differences that are a plus.

Before going into the comparison, I really want to highlight some of the great capabilities of DVD:

  • Stunning rich interactive visuals, 22 visuals including geo mapping capability.
  • Easy to get started with the tool. Upload an excel file with the data to be analyzed and visualized, then start dragging and dropping columns to create your visuals.
  • Take snapshots of visualizations insights that are important to the business.
  • Integration between different data sources into one visual.
  • DVD is free for customers who have visual cloud solutions or an on premise version such as VA.

When should an IT manager use DVD vs. VA?

For example if an IT manager has a population of BI users that need quick access to a BI tool, don’t have a need for a complicated business model, and don’t really need to access a data warehouse, DVD is a great tool for that type of users. The tool installs in minutes, and allows business users to use a variety of data sources, that they are familiar with because they created these sources. In addition, the tool is free with the purchase of OBIEE12C VA, and who does not like free stuff.

DVD VA differences at a glance:

The differences explored in details below cover the following areas:

  • Installation
  • Ease of use
  • Security
  • Connectivity to OBIEE. (Even though the tool is installed separately from OBIEE12C it very easily allows the user to connect to OBIEE and have limited access to certain OBIEE components.)





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