5 things that make the NetApp All Flash FAS (AFF) stand out from the competition

5 things that make the NetApp All Flash FAS (AFF) stand out from the competition

Since NetApp released the AFF, there has been much confusion in regards to where the platform fits into the NetApp portfolio. Yes, NetApp has more than one Flash array to choose from but each platform truly does have unique business value. The follow list of features not only make the AFF stand out in the Netapp portfolio but also provide functionality not found in the competition.

1.A unified platform supporting FC, FCoE, iSCSI,  NFS/pNFS and CIFS/SMB protocols.   Plus all the application integration features that NetApp is known for such as the Snap Manager products.

2.Replication to not only other AFF systems but also to FAS HDD systems or even to the cloud with Cloud ONTAP

3.Free Next Generation controllers. Purchase support extensions at a flat rate, get a free next-gen controller when you buy 3 or more years of extended support.   That’s a lot of mileage from a Flash Array.

4.No need for forklift upgrades. The scale out architecture allows you to refresh systems and expand your footprint without data migration or planned downtime.  Customers are not tied to a SSD size or technology.   As the technology advances you have the versatility to add larger capacity drive shelves such as the new 4TB SSD drives.

5.The AFF can participate in a larger cluster that includes non-Flash systems. This gives customers the ability to non-disruptively move date between performance tiers.  Data often has a performance profile that changes over time.  You should be serving or storing that data in the appropriate tier.


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