How I Learned to Love the Cloud

How I Learned to Love the Cloud


Welcome to the first entry of my new bi-weekly blog where I’ll be sharing my experiences here at Corporate Technologies as we move our customers to the cloud. I’ll be tackling specific items using real world examples and offering key insights into what’s working for our customers.

Today was supposed to be the day that your career took off. After three years of hard work and late nights, your new venture was featured by a major news outlet. People rushed to see what you were all about. You lost sleep due to the excitement building up inside of you. Finally your dream and everything you worked for was going to come true.

There was one problem. All of the interest generated so much web traffic that nobody was able to access your site. In fact, the log jam that the entire buzz created actually shut out your existing customers and you *lost* business as a result of the publicity. How did this nightmare unfold?

Unfortunately you didn’t adopt a cloud computing solution when you had the chance to. Your existing system wasn’t able to scale with the load that your immediate publicity caused. Instead of celebrating, you watched in horror on that fateful day.  You didn’t join your board of directors for a congratulatory dinner; you were in a board room until 11pm searching for answers. Who wants this to happen to them? Nobody!

The great news is that with cloud computing this never has to happen to you or anybody else ever again.

Not since the internet boom nearly twenty years ago has there been something so new and revolutionary. The cloud will change the way we think about computing and cause us to develop new solutions and think differently about them.

Over the last year or so modern cloud computing has arrived. It’s no longer an abstract concept, it’s no longer vaporware. It’s very real and it’s having an impact across all industries.

As you explore what cloud computing can do, you get a feeling much like that of a child creeping down the stairs and peeking around the corner on Christmas morning to see what lies under the tree. Each new feature you uncover in a cloud framework is a new gift that you can use to develop something creative or make your life easier in some way. Your application can now do things that were impossible in the past. The way you develop applications will change and you will certainly pay less for resources.

Once you realize the true power of cloud computing and understand what you can really do the possibilities become endless. Imagine an environment that is self-aware, one that detects network problems and dynamically adds new interfaces, and one that detects slowness and corrects it, and one that allows your database to grow from 25GB to 30TB in a week while provisioning its own storage and CPU resources.

As incredible as moving to the cloud can be there are some key items you need to focus on to ensure the migration is successful. These are the areas that Corporate Technologies can help you with.

Imagine my horror the first time I tested something on Amazon’s cloud and when I returned to continue working on it nothing functioned correctly. It felt like I took a punch right to the stomach. All of my servers were failing and nothing would work. In my next post two weeks from now I’ll explain what happened and how we developed a custom solution to get around this common problem.


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