Informatica World 2013 Report

Informatica World 2013 Report


IW13 proved once again to be an exciting educational experience about the new products being offered and the improvements of existing products. But most exciting of all was listening to customer testimonials about their business problems how they are solving them by creating new and innovative ways to use the data available to them in their organizations.

Informatica continues to be in the forefront, trying to solve the hard data integration problems. Beyond that, they are putting the potential of the data into the hands of users that can make a difference. These differences can be alerts: For example;  a patient with a chronic disease was just readmitted; an event that will impact financial markets;  harnessing available data about that student to better their educational experience.

Let me share with you some of the announcements made at Informatica World,  how they can impact the common business problems we have in our organization, and how these new capabilities will harness the potential of those who can best use this data.

Let’s start with the announcement of Vibe, Informatica’s virtual data machine. Vibe allows you to map once and deploy anywhere.  You can write mapping in the newly announced Powercenter Express, and then run it in Powercenter enterprise or Informatica cloud.  Map once and deploy anywhere – the department, the enterprise or the cloud.

Exploding data volume, variety, and velocity has led to a constantly growing variety of data integration technologies. But with Informatica we can stop chasing the latest trends with Informatica’s Virtual Data Machine: One language, one SDK, and one engine that lets you design data integration jobs once and deploy anywhere. Extensible and portable, VDM future-proofs your data integration while enabling tight business/IT collaboration.

Why does this matter?  As we expand the places that data integration need take place we in the business of creating the mapping need to be able to reuse what is already there and not have to remap.  Suppose you want to be able to push your mapping into a Hadoop server. You do not need to recode into a new tool to do so.  If you are a business user using one of the lighter weight versions, that same code can be used by IT and enhanced and reused.  As you build out mapping, you create an inventory that can be reused— creating consistency and agility.

The other big announcement was the release of  Powercenter Express, a lightweight version of Powercenter that can run on your desktop.  All the major functionality of Powercenter for the enterprise can now be put into the hands of the people.  Best of all, because of Vibe, the code can be ported to other Informatica platforms.  With the ability to do profiling along with the traditional mappings, the general user has an extremely powerful tool to get the data they need.

The last major announcement was that of the Data Integration Hub.  Almost all of us in the integration business have built something like this at one time or the other, but now it is a product built by Informatica.  With the ability to intake almost any kind of data, store it in the hub, and then publish it out for subscriptions, we are now able to simplify the complicated point to point integration.

Make sure to check out Informatica’s website and contact us at CTI for details.


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