A Recap of Informatica World 2017

A Recap of Informatica World 2017

“Disruption”  The Force Behind Informatica World 2017:

Informatica World 2017 has just completed in San Francisco.  This year’s conference came with a quite a few announcements, and even all new branding.  The new branding is bright and fresh.  There were a few themes of the conference, but “Disruption” was the word of the day.  Throughout the conference,  there was evidence of how digital and market disruptions are affecting the technological landscape and how Informatica is embracing the change.

A key disruptor includes the evolving state of IT infrastructure, and the expanding use of SaaS cloud applications.  Where data integration between applications and reporting applications were centralized, the world is moving to disparate applications and locations.  This new paradigm requires a new data integration set of products.  Informatica has released Amazon Web Services (AWS) one click deployed applications for:

  • Big Data Management (AWS and Azure)
  • Enterprise Information Catalog
  • PowerCenter

With the ability to quickly stand up Informatica products in an elastic cloud platform, Informatica can easily scale based on customer needs.  As time progresses, most if not all of Informatica’s products will be easily deployable in AWS.

Another announcement to address the cloud disruption is the new licensing options which include subscription based purchases and pay-by-use that cloud customers are familiar with.  With Informatica embracing the cloud disruption, they are well positioned to gain a customer base that wouldn’t have considered Informatica in the past.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been rapidly gaining momentum with the computing capabilities.  Informatica has again embraced the evolving technology by introducing “CLAIRE”.  CLAIRE is the industry’s first metadata-driven artificial intelligence which helps power the Intelligent Data Platform.  CLAIRE applies machine learning enterprise metadata in the form of automation and recommendation.  CLAIRE not only helps developers by automating tasks, but helps business users find and locate the data they are looking for anywhere in the enterprise.  CLAIRE can identify data domains such as products, dates, locations, and people across structured and unstructured data stores.  This is a bold new step that has a lot of potential as it evolves.


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