Why Indiana Jones Should Work for Corporate Technologies

Why Indiana Jones Should Work for Corporate Technologies

At the beginning of the first Indiana Jones Movie, Raiders of the Lost Ark, actor Harrison Ford braves an ancient Peruvian Temple challenged by daunting obstacles. Drawing upon his bravery and ingenuity he is able to retrieve a biblical artifact. He thinks he’s home free but unfortunately, a huge boulder breaks loose, rolling towards him and he has to flee the cave into the waiting arms of one of his competitors and a hundred poison dart-shooting indigenous Hovitos. Luckily for our hero, with his quick instincts, he is able to escape but not before unfortunately temporarily at least, surrendering the treasure.

Does this sound like an average day at your company?

Well, hopefully this blog will help. The team here at Corporate Technologies is focused on helping you plan for the expected, prepare for the unexpected and innovate as much as possible. Every day, we see how technology is becoming a bigger part of every company’s success and the pace of adoption is accelerating.

In this blog, we will be sharing content and ideas with you around central themes – Planning, Preparation and Innovation – and we hope that you’ll share your thoughts with us. We want to know the challenges your company is facing as you adopt technology. We will cover topics around our two main service professional services offerings; Business Intelligence (big data analytics, data mining, data warehousing and enterprise performance management) and Data Management (converged infrastructure, virtualization, data management, business continuity planning, data security, data protection, data backup and data recovery) plus an occasional post from or about one of our trusted partners.

This blog will be a team effort and we will introduce each of our team members to you as we evolve. Feel free to subscribe to the blog feed using the handy tool above. Occasionally, I will pop my head in and share, too.

Welcome and watch out for those technology boulders,










Harry Kasparian
CEO, President and Founder


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