Disastrous Findings on Disaster Recovery Uncovers Critical Need for Better Data Protection

Disastrous Findings on Disaster Recovery Uncovers Critical Need for Better Data Protection

istock_000000876199small-200x300According to a recent Quantum survey on disaster recovery, a whopping 90% of IT decision makers surveyed felt their data was vulnerable in the event of a disaster. In addition, according to Quantum’s findings, “Twenty-seven percent experienced some form of data security incident in the last year, only 15 percent of which were due to natural disasters.”

What’s going on here? Apparently woefully little in terms of adequate data protection.

Part of the problem is that “data” and “disaster” have grown in complexity.

Data: As corporate data is dispersed to the cloud, it is harder to ensure security. The days of data center-based backup and recovery solutions are all but gone. Cloud computing offers both opportunities and obstacles in securing a DR plan that will be fail-safe in the event of a disaster.

Disasters: Once thought of as natural and/or contained, disasters increasingly involve sophisticated data attacks, security breaches, data corruption or human error. These are the insidious disasters that can happen at any time, and must be planned for carefully.

The stakes for a successful DR plan are high: According to a KPMG report, 40% of businesses who experience a disaster without a solid plan in place will have to shut their doors within two years.

These numbers cry out for a comprehensive solution, and now.

Baseline Mag recently interviewed Casey Burns, product marketing manager for virtualization technologies at Quantum. According to Burns, “Organizations must take the time to evaluate their disaster recovery strategy and data protection systems to find out where the vulnerabilities reside.”

It’s a complex problem that is only going to get more so. The solution, which is increasingly incorporating data deduplication and data replication as part of the Backup and Recovery process, must be efficient, effective, and all-encompassing.

If you are the one IT person in ten that can sleep at night knowing your DR plan is bulletproof, congratulations. For the other nine out of ten, we can work with you to stop losing data – and sleep.


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