So, what is your Data Management Strategy?

So, what is your Data Management Strategy?


Not an easy question at all but the challenge is yours and it should be one of interest. Classifying data management is no easy task but I feel it’s something you must consider.

Data management impacts almost every aspect of our business. So what is it? Well, if you talk to the Storage Admin or Developers you will probably get a different answer than your CTO, Regulatory Advisor, Legal Rep., Security, ITIL consultant and the all so important — external compliance auditor might have.

Data Management is relative, subjective and at times personal.  Imposed criteria or an academic exercise from someone who took those business classes in Cambridge, ITIL for everyone. It still comes down to defining and understanding your organization’s requirements and goals. You can call this process whatever you like but building a framework around self or externally imposed requirements is a necessary component of data management. And as always data management should be tied directly to business impact. Clearly defined data management processes can create efficiencies, cut costs, adhere to compliance, provide agility and most importantly set the direction of how your business manages, perhaps your most valuable assets, your data.

I was ITIL certified upside down and sideways and I can tell you that you still need to define and build your own processes. Data management consultants can get you on your way and help you establish your framework but it’s up to you and your organization to adhere to and champion any data management processes you put in place.

So why do it? If you don’t define and categorize your data management processes than how can you measure and make educated data management decisions? I’m the last guy who wants to add bureaucracy in the line of productivity but how can you possibly control, measure data efficiency and/or integrity without it? More so how can you innovate and move your organization to a more cost effective solution.

The answer: Make it someone else’s problem :-). Too the cloud, YES! I love all the cloud talk. It’s so much fun. I don’t know about you but I don’t even like dealing with my mobile or Internet provider — never mind someone who may be managing my critical business data. Don’t get me wrong, we must absolutely understand cloud options and offerings and how we can utilize them, if possible. This very well may be a big part of your data management strategy but going back to my earlier point. Do you purchase processes or do you develop them based on your business data management requirements? Does the cloud complicate your ability to adhere to regulations and requirements or does it fit with your Data Management Strategy? Again, the cloud can absolutely be the answer in many instances but taking the time and building a Data Management Strategy will get you the information you absolutely need to make these types of decisions.

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