Press Release: CTI Announces Vision™ Solution Accelerators

Press Release: CTI Announces Vision™ Solution Accelerators

Burlington MA, October 3, 2016—CTI has launched the Vision™ Family of Solution Accelerators, an industry domain specific set of analytics tools, processes, and techniques. The company’s Vision™ based solutions help clients discover deeper, more meaningful insights from diverse data sets and silos to deliver faster answers, real-time insights, and improved efficiency and effectiveness for every aspect of their business.

Vision™ solution offerings are based on our completion of many successful projects in select industry sectors. “Working on major projects for world class clients has allowed us to assemble best practices and industry insights as to how data analytics can be a competitive advantage for those doing it well,” said Harry Kasparian, CEO, of CTI.

Accelerators are assembled from proven, tangible, reusable assets such as methodologies, tools and frameworks, that enable us to quickly deploy already-working approaches to accelerate solution development. Our projects begin with proven, repeatable approaches and working foundations that enable our consultants to create real business value in accelerated timeframes. “We use our collective industry experience and technology expertise to effectively develop agile frameworks, tools and methodologies to help deliver business value more quickly and with higher quality.” Kasparian said.

The company’s first three Vision™ Offerings are targeted at Higher Education, Human Resources.

Vision™ for Higher Education – a Student Lifecycle Model that improves admissions planning, student retention, financial aid effectiveness, and faculty planning.

Vision™ for Human Resources – a model that applies predictive algorithms to identify valued employees at high risk of voluntarily leaving the company – and allows the manager to test different retention strategies to reduce the risk and adopt pro-active measures and contingencies.

Vision™ for Retail – a solution framework integrates data for marketers to connect the various omni-channel conversion points and get actionable insights.

The company said that there are other Vision™ offerings in their release pipeline.


About CTI

From leveraging our business intelligence domain expertise to rethinking the efficiency of the data center, we are strategic partners in delivering business value to our clients.

We identify needs, evaluate information quality, and help make informed decisions as we guide our clients from a strategic plan to a successful end-to-end project implementation, partnering to achieve a manageable, scalable, and integrated business intelligence solution.

We integrate all relevant data and systems into robust analytics strategies, creating a 360-degree view of business relationships and key performance metrics. Our Vision™ solutions help our client’s staff, processes, and technologies adapt to master the challenges and opportunities of a data-driven world.


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