To cloud or not to cloud; why is it even a question?

To cloud or not to cloud; why is it even a question?


Not too long ago there was a time when people would sit in rooms and debate the benefits of system virtualization. Go back a few more years and people would hotly debate the benefits of storage networking. I remember people being vehemently against NAS and SAN technologies. If you were to debate system and storage virtualization today with the same vigor that I saw early on in their life cycles you might be laughed out of a room.

Today, storage and system virtualization are both widely accepted and used in just about every organization. It’s not going to be long before cloud computing is just as accepted and widely used in most organizations.

It’s puzzling to me how some people have adopted and love the cloud, while others absolutely want nothing to do with it.  There are a lot of myths out there on cloud computing and that may be part of the reason for the push-back. For two years many, many people were talking about cloud but there weren’t many practical examples out there.

Today things have certainly changed and there are a great number of success stories out there. Many people are now using cloud computing to reduce costs and develop new and innovative solutions. Here are some common success stories:

  • Organizations expanding capacity for seasonal business
  • Life Sciences firms bidding on unused computing power to process data for pennies on the dollar.
  • Development environment costs being reduced by 75% or more
  • Elastic environments that expand and retract based on workload
  • Offloading month end processing to the cloud to reduce costs
  • Developing applications that discover and fix potential performance problems before people can even detect them.

With the benefits that organizations receive when they utilize the cloud, it’s only a matter of time until cloud solutions become commonplace. We see people trying to become more efficient in many areas of their lives and now businesses have the same opportunity. Without a cloud solution in place you waste money on power, cooling and excess capacity. IT dollars are not abundantly available these days so cloud should at least be worth a look.

If you are really opposed to cloud and shut your ears upon first mention, you may need to ask yourself why you have such a strong opposition to it.  The truth is that many new and upcoming businesses are launching their entire IT operations in the cloud with resounding success. Nobody would disagree that there are applications and systems that are better off left off of cloud. At the same time it’s very hard to look into an organization’s systems without finding applications that would benefit greatly.

The cloud isn’t anything mysterious. It’s a proven platform that you should start thinking about today. After all, in today’s cost conscious IT world, why wouldn’t you want to do something to reduce your costs and improve efficiency?


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