Corporate Technologies Follow-up to the BIO IT Conference 2016

Corporate Technologies Follow-up to the BIO IT Conference 2016

Here’s a quick follow-up to the BIO IT Conference Boston. Naturally, Corporate Technologies was there showcasing our Big Data platform powered by Informatica and Netapp E Series All-Flash Hadoop storage. The interest level was up from last year and while we enjoyed the increased traffic to our pavilion, we also spent some more time checking out other offerings in the conference.

This year we saw a number of interesting things unfold since last year. There was more representation by purpose built storage platforms for big data analytics. More cloud-integrated applications with a focus on genomics research information management and most interestingly, more purpose built for BIO Research cloud platform products. The shift is likely to continue, what with better integration between hybrid-cloud environments and in the packaging and capabilities of cloud first technologies.

Walking around the show, we met with Vendors such as Illumina, Omnibond’s CloudyCluster, Databyte who were all there showing how they benefit Big Data Solutions. The field ran the gamut of purpose built software tools and platforms for analytics to purpose built Data Centers with compliance as a main focus.

Ultimately it was a great show and validation of our hard work to provide customers who are building data analytics platforms and need help with a direction and execution. Netapp did a great job showing that they’re really part of the Big Data scene. Their support in our initiative to incorporate E-Series storage into our Hadoop platform was immeasurably helpful. Not to be overshadowed, Informatica was front and center in our solution with the latest Informatica Big Data Management software. As with last year’s show, there was great interest in how we were able to provide an analyst with the tools necessary to interface with Hadoop, all without having to learn all of the underlying technology interactions. In the end, the use cases and visualizations really caught a great deal of the attention of those who stopped by our booth.

That’s all for this year’s BIO IT Conference in Boston.

Please let me know if you have any questions or comments.


Ben Thurston

Solutions Architect

Corporate Technologies




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