Benefits of using SAaaS

Benefits of using SAaaS

Everyone has that system in the back corner of their data center that nobody wants to support. One application required a special environment and the person who was here when it was deployed has moved on. In fact, you probably have more than just one system that’s like this. ERP might run on Oracle, while Point of Sale might run on IBM with the reality that across the board you’re really a Windows shop!

What do you do if you have support needs but there’s not enough work to justify a full-time employee? Often you might find yourself in a bind with no alternative other than to over hire for the skills that you need to keep your business running. With CTI’s System Administration as a Service (SAaaS), that’s no longer the case.

What we’ve done here at CTI, is create a program for our customers to provide the specific skills that they need on an on-demand basis. This helps tremendously when they can’t justify full-time support personnel for specific skill sets.

When engaging with a new customer, the first step we go through is to determine exactly what might need our assistance. Some customers need regular security fixes applied, others need storage allocated and others need applications such as apache installed. Our customers have asked us to support many environments including Oracle, IBM, SAP, HP, NetApp, Windows and Linux.

One of our customers needs help with a development environment where the cost of a full time staff would be prohibitive, another customer requests changes to their Business Intelligence environment to respond to their ever changing needs.  We work with an organization that has a dynamic storage environment but doesn’t quite have the need for a full time storage admin. We’re here to implement the solution that works for you in the most cost effective manner.

Once your SAaaS contract is set up, you’re provided with access to our ticket system. From this portal you can enter service requests for items that are defined in your agreement. Based on your custom SLA, one of our support specialists will reach out to you to complete the task. At periodic intervals our team will provide reports to you detailing the completed services.

We know that environments are diverse and heterogeneous. It’s often difficult to staff for every skill that you might need in your data center. SAaaS can reduce your support costs and provide expert level services on your systems that you struggle to support.



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