Free VM Backups VMware’s vSphere Data Protection (VDP) Part 3

Free VM Backups VMware’s vSphere Data Protection (VDP) Part 3

Continuing along in part three of my four-series blog with vSphere Data Protection (VDP), we’ll now take a look at how to use the product by configuring and performing a simple VM backup. Since this is managed directly from within the vCenter Web Client, it’s very easy to interface and get started with VDP. To get started, just log in to your vCenter Web Client and open the vSphere Data Protection plug-in.

Creating a new backup job in VPD is as simple as initiating the “Backup job actions” new backup job wizard. See below:

Within the wizard, you’ll need to select the type of backup job being created. Here we’ve elected to run a Full Image backup since we want to be able to recover the entire VM.

Once the backup job is created, you can select the backup job and start it for a test run by selecting the job and then selecting “Backup now” next to the green arrow.

You’ll be able to monitor the progress of the backup job in the Task Console window.

When the backup job is complete, you can view the backup job details in the Reports section of the VDP GUI.

There it is — a backup job created and run within minutes, and only minutes to execute and complete the job. An entirely free, very simple backup solution for VMs that provides for disaster recovery capability. You can’t beat that!

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