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Oracle Tech Help – OBIEE 12c Installation Prerequisites

If you are planning to install OBIEE 12c, there are some key prerequisites that you’ll need complete to ensure the process goes smoothly. In this blog, we will go through the steps of the prerequisites checks needed when installing OBI 12c in Solaris/Linux. We will also discuss a few issues which you’ll face during installation, […]

3 Challenges with Power BI (and how to overcome them)

Microsoft Power BI is a valuable tool in your BI solution suite.  It is effective in transforming the way industries leverage data to solve problems, share insights, and make informed decisions. I’ve been working with Power BI recently, and although it appears to be a great tool, it is not without its quirky challenges.  I’m […]

Data Privacy is not an Illusion, but the Solution might be

We have all been exposed, if not inundated, with the fact that so much of our personal information has been systematically harvested for years. Both with and without our knowledge or consent. Combine this with a never-ending stream of data breaches that have left vast amounts of our personal lives scattered about the dark web […]

Navigating an Unchartered Territory of Cybersecurity.

It was by pure chance that I attended a security symposium at Harvard’s School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS) several years ago. I don’t know exactly what attracted me to this particular meeting of crypto minds, but it was a very fateful day in my knowledge and understanding of Cybersecurity. Among many of the […]

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