Rick Ross (ISG)

Getting Started with Windows Azure

Before you jump in and start building things in Windows Azure, there are a few concepts that will make life easier for you if you understand them up front. These topics are in the context of infrastructure as a service (IaaS) but some of them apply to platform as a service (PaaS) as well. The […]

Is Your Storage as Quick as a Flash? Part III

Let’s move on to NetApp’s implementation of SSDs in its cache lineup. This feature is called Flash Pool, and it gives customers the ability to add SSD-based cache to an existing hard drive-based aggregate. This is an aggregate level read/write cache.  That is important because unlike Flash Cache, it is persistent across takeovers and givebacks, […]

Is Your Storage as Quick as a Flash? PART II — Flash Cache Boosts Storage Investment

NetApp’s Flash Cache has been around for some time. It started off with PAM (Performance Acceleration Module) cards and then Flash Cache, and currently it includes Flash Cache 2 —boasting cache sizes up to 2TB per card that can be combined in configurations of up to 16TB of intelligent read cache in a single system. […]

Is Your Storage as Quick as a Flash? Part I

The term “flash” has been tossed about in the storage industry for years. It seems like everyone has a story around flash but NetApp approaches the flash technology in their storage systems a little differently from other storage vendors. From NetApp’s perspective, flash is all about storage efficiency. Instead of moving data between different tiers […]

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