Rick Ross (ISG)

Migration to the Cloud

Microsoft added functionality to easily convert VMware VMs and migrate them to a Microsoft Azure account using a simple wizard. Microsoft Virtual Machine Converter (MVMC) 2.0 enables this functionality and more, paving the way for VMware administrators to give Azure a try. The new version of MVMC works with the latest versions of VMware 5.5 […]

How can Microsoft Azure reduce your RTO?

What is the biggest challenge with integrating the Cloud in your backup architecture? I would argue that restore times could be the biggest hurdle, especially when we are talking about multiple terabytes of data. Cloud storage is a great backup target for those incremental changes that can trickle up to the Cloud each day. It […]

Moving Data To and From the Cloud

This week, we will explore how to get large amounts of data in or out of Windows Azure Blob storage. Microsoft recently added Windows Azure Import/Export service that enables customers to use hard disks to move data in and out of Microsoft datacenters. Microsoft uses its high-speed secure network to transfer the data in or […]

Windows Azure Storage: What’s in Your Blob?

Windows Azure Storage has some great features that make it very flexible, giving you lots of options for designing solutions. I will share some of those features and explain how they can be used. Level Set The first thing to do is understand some of the terms and a little about the architecture so that […]

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