Rick Ross (ISG)

Changing the Economics of Flash Storage

Flash technology has enabled significant performance increases compared with legacy storage systems. Even with the space, cooling and power savings that this technology brings to the table, the total cost of ownership (TCO) has prevented widespread adoption for general workloads. EMC has delivered a product called XtremIO, architected to make the best use of flash […]

Is Your Data at Risk?

The concept of data protection isn’t such a hard thing to understand. It’s safe to say that if you found your way to this blog, you know what data protection is. It’s interesting that although data protection is thought to be a very basic IT concept, we see companies with smart people take very big risks […]

Microsoft Azure Hybrid Architectures

Some of the real power of Microsoft Azure is in hybrid architectures. Not only can you combine the power of PaaS and IaaS resources where it makes sense, you can also add these resources as an extension of your corporate environment. Microsoft recently added a new method for connecting Azure Web Sites and Azure Mobile […]

Migration to the Cloud

Microsoft added functionality to easily convert VMware VMs and migrate them to a Microsoft Azure account using a simple wizard. Microsoft Virtual Machine Converter (MVMC) 2.0 enables this functionality and more, paving the way for VMware administrators to give Azure a try. The new version of MVMC works with the latest versions of VMware 5.5 […]

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