Rick Ross (ISG)

Why You Should Adopt a Cybersecurity Framework

A Primer on the NIST Cybersecurity Framework Adverse security events make the news daily; from compromised personal information to ransomware.  The IoT (Internet of Things) has opened up all kinds of new possibilities for the bad guys.   These internet-connected devices that we bring into our homes / businesses are being exploited.[1] Is your organization prepared […]

5 things that make the NetApp All Flash FAS (AFF) stand out from the competition

Since NetApp released the AFF, there has been much confusion in regards to where the platform fits into the NetApp portfolio. Yes, NetApp has more than one Flash array to choose from but each platform truly does have unique business value. The follow list of features not only make the AFF stand out in the Netapp portfolio […]

5 Reasons You Need to Take a Closer Look at AltaVault

AltaVault is NetApp’s cloud integrated storage solution that allows customers to backup data to any cloud using backup software they may already own.   Whether you are an existing NetApp customer or not, this solution is worth a look and here are my top 5 reasons you should consider it for your environment. 1.Efficient – Inline […]

Flash-optimized storage with XtremIO: Cost and efficiency benefits that could work for you

Flash-optimized storage platforms have promised to transform the datacenter for some time now.  EMC’s XtremIO is delivering on that promise by leveraging storage efficiency features that make all flash data centers a reality. So why all the hype in the storage industry around flash-optimized storage, and where does XtremIO fit in? Flash versus convention Solid […]

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