Mike Grady (ISG)

Hurray! We’re In the Cloud! What Now?

  Our young enterprise is operating now with Amazon Web Services (AWS) instances in a Virtual Private Cloud connected to the corporate Local Area Network. We are doing this via the Internet with a Virtual Private Network connection. All collaboration and messaging is served by Office 365. Production is ramping and the business continues to […]

62 Days to the Cloud!

Beginning on July 8, our customer set out to transform their startup infrastructure of a single domain/file/print server to an enterprise class Office 365 environment. The goal was to do this with a flexible compute center at Amazon Web Services. About 80 people were involved. They were using an Application Service Provider (ASP) for Microsoft […]

Why Skepticism is Good

I suspect that there are more than a few voters in the U.S. that are not completely satisfied with the performance of candidates they helped elect last November.  Campaign promises point to a bright future and positive outcomes, but actual performance does not always meet rosy promises.  If only the voters had a “crystal ball” […]

What’s Old is Now New: Cloud Trends

“Owning and operating enterprise compute and storage equipment is expensive and labor intensive.  By using our subscription services you get only the computes and storage you actually need for far less expense.” I delivered that pitch 30 years ago selling CSC Infonet timesharing services in Manhattan — walking up and down Madison Ave cold calling […]

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