Mike Grady (ISG)

Moving to O365: Some Observations

Having recently moved a small shop to Office 365 (62 Days to the Cloud), I would like to share a few observations about what we learned so that you can prepare for the best experience. This is not a complete set of tips, but there are a few here that I suspect will save you […]

Hurray! We’re In the Cloud! What Now?

  Our young enterprise is operating now with Amazon Web Services (AWS) instances in a Virtual Private Cloud connected to the corporate Local Area Network. We are doing this via the Internet with a Virtual Private Network connection. All collaboration and messaging is served by Office 365. Production is ramping and the business continues to […]

62 Days to the Cloud!

Beginning on July 8, our customer set out to transform their startup infrastructure of a single domain/file/print server to an enterprise class Office 365 environment. The goal was to do this with a flexible compute center at Amazon Web Services. About 80 people were involved. They were using an Application Service Provider (ASP) for Microsoft […]

Why Skepticism is Good

I suspect that there are more than a few voters in the U.S. that are not completely satisfied with the performance of candidates they helped elect last November.  Campaign promises point to a bright future and positive outcomes, but actual performance does not always meet rosy promises.  If only the voters had a “crystal ball” […]

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