Mike Grady (ISG)

Agility in Test and Dev

Test and Dev environments can be a challenge both logistically and financially.  Building and maintaining an on-premises set of servers and storage for the necessary functions can consume a lot of equipment, footprint, and associated environmental and support resources.  Also, these functions are typically only used periodically and for a limited duration, so dedicating resources […]

Hybrid Clouds Require Significant Network Attention!

When an enterprise adopts a Hybrid Cloud configuration and positions compute and storage resources in the cloud, the network connecting the cloud to the enterprise LAN becomes a critical link.  The Cloud can be viewed as another data center location for the enterprise from a network perspective.  So, the connectivity to that data center needs […]

Read My Lips – It’s the Network!

You more ‘experienced’ US based readers will recognize that title as a blended adaptation of two memorable political quotes from the 80’s.  But the product truly reflects my view of the most important aspect of hybrid architectures of on-premises and cloud-based IT infrastructures.  Reliable, secure, and performant network connectivity between your on-premises data center and […]

Single Sign On in a Hybrid Data Center Environment

SaaS Subscriptions Many businesses today are subscribing to Software as a Service (SaaS) applications instead of implementing their own on-premises instances of custom or published applications.  This saves the business the expense of owning and operating the application compute and storage infrastructure, and operating and maintaining the application system software too.  There are many SaaS […]

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