Lou Bushinsky

Disrupting BI Part 2: A Solid Data Architecture Empowers Data Visualization

Data visualization provides instant gratification to an analytic-starved user community, much like a kid in a candy store.  Beware of the analytic lows to follow, much like the drop in energy after consuming too much candy.  Almost any user of a data visualization tool can rapidly gain deep insights into their data by quickly visualizing […]

Disrupting BI Part 1: The Evolution of Business Intelligence with Data Visualization

Data visualization has radically changed the way data analytics and business intelligence (BI) are accomplished.  Data visualization presents data in more consumable and actionable formats than ever before, such as interactive and correlated pictures and charts.  Decision-makers — anyone from managers and analysts to individuals who interact with customers and suppliers — become difference-makers when […]

Next Generation Analytics: The Collision of Classic & Big Data Analytics

Classic analytics, those traditionally supported by a data warehouse, bring focus and insights gained by understanding what an organization has done.  Although there are too many examples to delve into all, one would include measuring the supply chain flow of materials into a product or service that’s brought to market, a theme that applies across […]

Don’t Drown in the Data Lake: Remember to Data Profile

Do you need to gain a better understanding of more than just your own transactional system information?  Trying to integrate your own transactional information with social media, news feeds, product reviews, or maybe machine based logs?  Do you feel the pressure to deliver analytic solutions more rapidly?  If so, then you are traveling down the […]

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