Kurt Rosenfeld

Getting data architecture right: Making the pieces fall into place

I have evaluated, designed and implemented many different data structures during my career. If there’s one thing I’ve learned with all that I have seen, it is that no data structure is perfect. The most successful data structures maintain a fine balance in accommodating the end user’s many different needs. Some of these needs include […]

Implementing Oracle PBCS: From Plans to Planning in Weeks

Last time around, we took an overview look at Oracle’s Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service (PBCS) and focused on some of the overall features that position the product as the quick and easy-to-use cousin of Oracle’s industry-standard Hyperion Planning. (You can view that here if you missed it.) Today we are going to dig deep […]

PBCS: The Flexibility of the Cloud, the Familiarity of Oracle

For smaller companies or semiautonomous divisions of enterprise companies, the choice between an on-premises planning solution and a cloud-based one usually comes down to one major factor: cost. But at what expense? Should you move away from a solution that is rooted in years of performance and has become accepted in the finance community for […]

Need to create an effective BI system? Think like an end user.

You have been given your marching orders: “Implement a data warehouse and business intelligence system that can help us analyze the business!” “What do you want to see?” you ask. And the answer is, of course, “Everything.” End users will never tell you exactly what they need in order to do their jobs effectively because […]

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