Ed Hamilton

What’s flexible, 42U high, weighs 1,971lbs and contains 512 cores of the world’s fastest processors for crushing Oracle 12c database workloads?

If you answered Oracle’s new Exadata X6-8 Database Machine, you would be wrong. The Exadata X6-8 contains 576 cores of Intel processors, doesn’t include an integrated virtualization stack and can’t run your general compute needs side by side with your database requirements. Nope, this particular honor goes to Oracle’s SuperCluster M7 containing Oracle’s latest threat, […]

At last the wait is over – Oracle’s new M7 processor

Ever since Oracle purchased Sun Microsystems in 2010, many questioned Oracle’s intentions for the acquisition. After all, Oracle was a software company that had been traveling down the path of Linux and x86 ever since releasing Oracle 10g and RAC, which allowed organizations to move database loads from very expensive SMP and mainframes systems to […]

The Killer Application Platform by Oracle

In 1980, BYTE magazine wrote “VisiCalc is the first program available on a microcomputer that has been responsible for sales of entire systems”. BYTE magazine of course was referring to the Apple II platform, who initial success was attributed to a must have spreadsheet application available for it called VisiCalc. Of course this was not […]

Potential Gremlin of the Cloud Enabled Converged Infrastructure

We have certainly seen a lot of industry buzz centric around the improved efficiencies and cost saving afforded through the use of a Cloud enabled Converged Infrastructure in the data center, and while there is no question that a such a solution can reduce the cost and complexity in deploying your organizations cloud strategy, there […]

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