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Stuck in the MUD: How to Approach Multi User Development in OBIEE

It is easy to get stuck in the MUD (multi user development) with OBIEE. I wish I had a better name for it (such as MDE for multi development environment or MODE for multi-user OBIEE development environment), but I don’t. It’s MUD. The good news is: it doesn’t have be messy. With a strategy in […]

Caring for OBIEE: 3 Random Tips

In today’s blog, I offer three random tips for making the most of your OBIEE installation. When moving to a new DB system, consider reinstalling OBIEE to change/carryover RCU-generated information. In enterprise environments, database migrations happen. A few times during such a situation, I wanted to change the existing OBIEE’s repository tables (created by RCU) […]

What Happens in Vegas: Amazon 2013

It happened in Vegas, and it has people talking. In the past twenty years or so, there have been only a handful of technological innovations that were so revolutionary that news of them rippled through the industry. Not since the advent of the World Wide Web has there been something as innovative as the current […]

3 Tips for Smooth OBIEE Administration

OBIEE administration is frequently an avoided topic. However, I believe that it is important for OBIEE projects to have processes and procedures in place to ensure smooth operation and administration of OBIEE services. I have witnessed how issues related to OBIEE administration can wreak havoc on development deliverables and timelines, contributing to delays and unnecessary […]

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