Corporate Technologies Team

How Big Data Can Impact the Healthcare of Pro Athletes

Professional Football is a unique business in that its most important assets are put in harm’s way as a function of their job.  The NFL has made progress in terms of protecting players from the hazards of playing football but the day-to-day trauma that is sustained on the field is often missed. Due to the […]

10 Data Protection Truths

I have been working with, designing, and implementing data protection solutions for almost 20 years now. Over that time, I have learned a lot about data protection. I have seen a lot of different backup and recovery solutions. Some of the solutions have been rock solid and some, well, they were more like quicksand. From […]

User Setup and Deployment in Office 365

Office 365 is a great cloud service that everyone is talking about. If you work in IT, you have probably thought about trying it, but you are not that familiar with how user provisioning and management is handled and the different deployment methods. In order to start using Office 365, you need to setup Office […]

The Bottom Line: Getting the Most from Your OBIEE Investment

What is a major goal of any OBIEE implementation? There is no single answer. However, IT managers and business stakeholders are almost always concerned with getting the most return on the BI investment and improving company’s bottom line. There are ways that an OBIEE implementation can cut costs, whether used in a proof-of-concept scenario or […]

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