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Cloud Lock what every cloud provider would love

“Cloud Lock” hmm what every cloud provider would love. I can’t help but compare Cloud providers with Cell providers. Something about contracts that create as much confusion as possible squeezing every nickel out of you on a monthly basis, also devised to make it extremely uneconomical for you to take your business elsewhere. Although the […]

The Value of Flash Storage

Flash Arrays/Storage are not coming they are here and have been for some time. They are not just for high-performance niche applications anymore. They come with a full level of Enterprise Software Storage Services that we have come to expect in traditional enterprise arrays, such as Thin-Provisioning, De-Duplication, snapshots, replication and QOS Tiering to name […]

What is the role of the BI data architect in the age of the Citizens Analyst? What is the Citizens Analyst anyway?

On October 20th at a packed event just outside Boston, the Informatica World Tour returns! Learn about the latest “information age” technologies from Informatica.  And this year Corporate Technologies is honored to be a featured guest on the topic of “how to lead in the age of the Citizens Analyst” – perhaps the most critical […]

Visualization Capabilities with Qlikview

After being an SAP Business Objects developer for many years, I must say I was biased toward one strong reporting tool and was very apprehensive when I began using another powerful reporting tool called Qlikview for developing a dashboard. It took some time, but Qlikview impressed me by being a performance-driven, high-quality great data visualization […]

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