Ashish Dalvi

When To Use NoSQL?

Today every organization is going through a massive technology shift in one way or the other in terms of cloud computing, mobile apps, web, IoT or big data. These are the technologies driving their business. These applications drive the way companies interact with their customers and vise-a-versa. Customer experience is delivered and judged through these […]

How it’s done: Password change functionality in OBIEE

I recently received a client requirement to build something in Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) so end users could change their own passwords. The client is using WebLogic LDAP for controlling access to OBIEE 11g and it doesn’t support native password changes. Most Oracle Business Intelligence (OBI) implementations have integrated Active Directory for authenticating […]

MongoDB: a NoSQL Database 3 Ways it Works for Today’s Data Generation

MongoDB is an open-source document database that provides high performance, high availability and automatic scaling. It’s ideal for running modern applications that rely on structured and unstructured data — and to support rapidly changing data. When compared to relational databases, MongoDB databases are more scalable and provide superior performance. Their data models also address several issues that relational database […]

5 Steps to Exporting OBIEE Contents to a File System

I recently received a client requirement in which they wanted to store OBIEE (Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition) contents to a file system like SharePoint. This would enable users who are not familiar with OBI or trained on report building to be able to consume reports stored on SharePoint. OBIEE 11g doesn’t provide any built-in […]

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