Analytics Strategy

We develop analytics and data management strategies to enable the development of a data-driven culture  that drives business transformation.

Our strategy engagements yield a comprehensive vision and actionable foundation for an organization’s ability to harness data-related or data-dependent capability.

  • Strategies for using analytics to improve organizational decision-making.
  • Recommendations on how to grow analytics capabilities.
  • Plans for short and long-term analytics opportunities, prioritized based on feasibility and return on investment.

Prior to the engagement we will work collaboratively to determine an agenda that will provide the greatest value. We will provide a report that summarizes insights gleaned from discussion with your functional business leaders and recommended next steps.

Analytics Assessments & Roadmaps

During the assessment, we develop a roadmap that can be used to ranks each opportunity relative to cost, ROI, and ability to execute to help identify low-cost, high-return projects.We work with you to develop an appraisal of your organization’s current analytical maturity—how your organization currently applies analytics and where the role of data could be expanded to deliver more insight and value.


The goals of this process are:

  • Determine the analytic readiness and maturity of the organization as a whole and the Analytics team specifically.
  • Focus on the convergence of data, technology, and people needed for success with predictive analytics.
  • Provide a roadmap with actionable advice for improving the value of analytics within an organization

Our business consultants will complete a comprehensive assessment of your organization’s needs, create a vision that aligns with your broader corporate strategies and capabilities, and build a transformative roadmap that drives maturity and scales as you grow.