What We Do

We build data visualizations using powerful on-the-fly data calculation and aggregation that instantly updates analytics and highlights associations in the data after each click. This is made possible by combining and indexing all data sources to find the possible associations, without leaving any data behind.

Interactive Visualization

Summarize vast amounts of complex data with charts, tables, and graphs that are wired together to automatically update. Use advanced analytics integration and geographic calculation to broaden insight.

Smart Searching

Search across all available data and visualizations to reveal relationships and quickly find the right information. Explore information in any direction with no pre-aggregated data or predefined queries to hold you back.

Analytics Exploration on Any Device

Explore, create, and collaborate on any device, directly at the point of decision with a responsive user interface whether on desktop or mobile device, on-premise or in the cloud.

Predictive Analytics and Scorecards

Reveal what has happened in areas of the business, to focus on improving performance and craft remediation strategies for under-performance. Predict how the business could perform to guide decisions for successful outcomes.

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