What We Do

CTI implements a multi-pronged approach to change management through the use of action items that involve measuring real metrics and anecdotal evidence. We engage with our client’s user community as an impartial champion of change. This gives us valuable insight into behaviors and allows us to report on those to the leaders and sponsors of initiatives. In doing this, we shield our clients from resistance, letting us be the facilitators of organizational change.

Discovery Requirements

Engage and collaborate with your end-users first, and use their requirements to drive product selection


Identify and visualize what your organization cares about the most and focus your product features to soothe those pain points

Vendor Management

Free yourself of the mundane tasks of identifying the application and networking with the right vendor by letting us be in the driver's seat. You stay informed.

Training & Knowledge Management

Our expert team of advisers and business solutions consultants can stand up a new, or augment an existing, Training and Knowledge Management shop to manage all aspects of communication, workshops, business process and documentation.

Report Card

Using valuable data gathered throughout the lifecycle of change, we can create a customized report with engagement scores that can be used by your leadership to measure success, and recalibrate for a desired outcome.

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