CTIVision™  Solution Accelerators

BI and Analytics Solutions Built with Proven Methodologies, Tools and Frameworks

Our client successes have led to us developing CTIVision™ Solution Accelerators, BI and analytics solutions, based on our years of experience in specific industry domains.  Over the years, we have evolved processes and systems that capture critical client needs, survey the set of existing third-party tools and technologies, and then develop “solution accelerators” that help clients achieve quicker successful project outcomes.

Our CTIVision™ Solution Accelerators are proven, tangible, reusable assets such as methodologies, tools and frameworks, that enable us to quickly deploy already-working approaches to accelerate solution development. Our projects begin with proven, repeatable approaches, working foundations and modular components that enable us to create real business value and functionality at accelerated timeframes.

We have distilled our knowledge repository built over years of focused engineering and domain experience. These domain-specific, customizable and ready to use solution components will cut development time and costs and accelerate the time-to-market of your products.

Each member of our CTIVision family is both a framework,  and a collection of domain centric delivery tools including:

  • Best practices and lessons learned from multiple client engagements
  • Content  in the form of data connectors
  • Transformation logic
  • Data models
  • Metrics, reports and dashboards.

By starting with our  Vision™ Solution Accelerators your project will hit the ground running rather than starting from scratch… and  you can  count on shaving 20% to 30% off your project.


Vision™ for Retail

Retail Marketing Program Optimization

When marketing organizations solve how to integrate, cleanse and unify customer data silos into a “single view of the customer” they radically improve program performance.  Data-rich customer “lifecycle and relationship” insight powers segmentation and campaigns to yield more high value responses and increased sales conversions.  Vision™ for Retail also leverages our data-driven marketing experience to help improve campaign processes.



small business owner: portrait of a male pharmacist at pharmacyVision™ for Pharmaceuticals and Biopharma

Pharmaceutical Commercial Analytics

We’ve created an integrated solution that enables Commercial Operations to drive more revenue and margin across the three critical areas of Provider & physician,  Patient targeting & maintenance, and Payer management.  We integrate the diverse data across your Commercial Operations to accelerate sales, reduce cost and streamline the process.


Vision™ for Higher Education

Student Lifecycle  Management

Student success is everything from attracting, admitting, retaining, and financing the best possible students that match with your Institutions degree programs and faculty capacity.  We’ve created a Student Lifecycle Model that improves admissions planning, student retention, financial aid effectiveness, and faculty planning.


Vision™ for Human Resources

Predictive Analytics for Employee Retention

When a strong employee leaves, it impacts products or operations or sales or customers – better retention of such talent has a direct and immediate effect on the bottom line.  We’ve developed a model that applies predictive algorithms to identify valued employees at high risk of voluntarily leaving the company – and allows the manager to test different retention strategies to reduce the risk and adopt pro-active measures and contingencies.