Agile Infrastructure to meet Dynamic Business Demands 

Virtualizing IT infrastructure reduces IT costs while increasing the efficiency, utilization and flexibility of existing assets. By establishing a virtualized computing platform, you free the organization to invest more in innovation to lay the foundation for cloud computing and IT as a Service. Virtualization is the enabling technology on which cloud architectures are built.

Our Virtualization practice focuses on maximizing current efficiency while building the foundation for a more service oriented data center architecture.

  • Server Virtualization
    We analyze your current state and design and implementation of a Hypervisor infrastructure for hosting the Virtual Machines necessary to service your current applications and workload.
  • Converged Infrastructure
    We architect and implement scalable converged infrastructures to centralize the management of IT resources, consolidate systems, increase resource utilization rates, and lower costs.
  • Cloud Infrastructures
    We architect and implement private cloud infrastructures consisting of a consolidated hardware platform, with  virtualization, automation and orchestration to provide for an on–demand self service IT environment.
  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructures
    We develop and implement virtual desktop architectures that provide simple desktop provisioning, avoid downtime due to hardware failures, lower cost of deploying new applications, and secure remote access to an enterprise desktop environment.